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Annual performance statements

The PGPA Rule section 16F requires corporate Commonwealth entities to provide annual performance statements as part of their annual report.

The annual performance statements describe how AMSA performed against the non-financial performance measures set out in the relevant Corporate Plan (2019–20) and Portfolio Budget Statements for the reporting period (2019–20), including a summary of progress for the key projects listed in the Corporate Plan. These documents are available on our website. Essentially, the annual performance statements are the ‘bookend’ to the Corporate Plan.

The 2019–20 annual performance statements of AMSA, as required under subsections 39(1) and 39(2) of the PGPA Act and the AMSA Act, are presented in tables by strategic challenge and by focus area as they appear in the 2019–20 Corporate Plan.


AMSA’s purpose, vision and mission are described on page iv (Purpose). All performance criteria are attributed and aligned to the key elements of our vision—safe and clean seas, saving lives—and with our strategic enabler, collaborating with our community. The rationale statements for each measure link the detailed measure with AMSA’s purpose.