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Plan on a page

An abridged version of AMSA’s Plan on a Page is detailed on the following page. AMSA’s 2019–
20 Corporate Plan has a full version, available at: amsa.gov.au/about-us/ corporate-publications
Everything AMSA does—as described in this annual report—is in response to our strategic

Strategic challenge 1: Managing risks to safety and the environment

Focus areas

  • Ensuring regulated vessels are operated safely and meet standards
  • Preventing pollution from shipping
  • Supporting safe navigation
  • Contributing to and implementing international conventions
  • Ensuring seafarer standards and welfare

Strategic challenge 2: Delivering the national system for domestic commercial vessel safety

Focus areas

  • Education, compliance and enforcement
  • Service delivery
  • Regulatory framework
  • Information technology and funding arrangements

Strategic challenge 3: Providing incident preparedness and response

Focus areas

  • Pre-emptively intervening to assure vessel safety
  • Saving lives daily through search and rescue
  • Delivering an effective incident response capability
  • Delivering an effective marine pollution response capability

Strategic challenge 4: Ensuring a vibrant and progressive organisation

Focus areas

  • Workforce engagement, development and safety
  • Good governance
  • Sound financial management
  • Reliable and responsive information technology

Strategic challenge 5: Collaborating with our community

Focus areas

  • Working with international organisations and other nations
  • Working with partner organisations
  • Developing stakeholder relationships
  • Community education