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Capability programs

2019–20 Corporate Plan: Page 57

Delivery of the following projects and programs is a major component of our response to strategic challenge 3:

For projects and programs, the ‘traffic light’ indicates:

  • Green: On track
  • Amber: Minor issues, but recoverable
  • Red: Major issues, management intervention required
  • Blue: Complete
  • Grey: On hold
Strategic challenge 3: Capability programs

Project name




Beacons disposal

Develop and implement a plan to manage beacons disposal to make the process as efficient as possible for users, and minimise the risk of inadvertent beacon activation and consequent costs to the Australian taxpayer


This project has been cancelled. The beacons disposal initiative is being considered as part of a broader beacon system strategy designed to address existing challenges, and prepare for the advancement of beacon technology. This initiative will be progressed as part of the broader strategy in 2020–21.

Integrated response

Analyse requirements and design a future business operating model and supporting systems which integrate our existing response management whilst also preparing AMSA to more broadly integrate operational functions across the business. This will improve how AMSA delivers its current and future responsibilities for SAR, pollution and Maritime Assistance Services. Future capability expansion will adopt an all hazards, organisational wide integrated operational capability


This project was designed to develop a future integrated core operating model to identify, manage and resolve different levels of incidents (e.g single incidents to major complex incidents/events). A taskforce was established to identify and map pathways required to manage incidents and events, from point of entry into the AMSA Response Centre, through the triage process, intersections with other areas of AMSA and/or external agencies, through to resolution. This work will be used to continue our work on the new Integrated Response System and to inform future business processes within the Response Division and across the broader organisation.

Integrated Response System

Identify the requirements for the commissioning of a replacement incident management system to support AMSA’s response activities, including search and rescue, maritime assistance and pollution response


The approach to market for a commercial off-the-shelf incident management system did not identify a suitable solution. This project is being re-scoped, with alternative options under consideration including enhancement of current systems

Consensus Drift Modelling Tool

Develop a drift modelling tool that will predict trajectories for search and rescue, maritime assistance and pollution response


The Consensus Drift Modelling Tool capability program was cancelled due to changed business requirements. Other options to deliver the capability are under consideration.