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Capability programs

2019–20 Corporate Plan: Page 45

Delivery of the following projects and programs is a major component of our response to strategic challenge 2

For projects and programs, the ‘traffic light’ indicates:

  • Green: On track
  • Amber: Minor issues, but recoverable
  • Red: Major issues, management intervention required
  • Blue: Complete
  • Grey: On hold

Project name




National System Transition Program

Finalise the development of systems and move them into a phase of support and maintenance with ongoing refinements to improve our service delivery to National System stakeholders


System development is complete. Moved to a refinement and continuous improvement approach

Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel/National Law Regulation 2013) review

Working with our Department, as part of a new regulatory plan, identify issues with the current scope of the National Law including barriers to technological innovation, and opportunities to improve arrangements for accreditation and quality management of marine surveyors


Review not complete by due date, AMSA continues to identify opportunities for regulatory reform for domestic commercial vessles since the commencement of the National Law Act