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Strategic Plan 2019–2022

Ensuring children receive the very best education is one of the most important things we can do for them. It is also one of the most important government investments made in this country.

AITSL has worked hard to build its reputation, deliver quality work and form strong relationships in the education sector. AITSL’s Strategic Plan 2019–2022 builds on that foundation to develop guiding principles and clear focus areas, actions and goals.

AITSL’s strategic plan purpose is to:

  • support planning and scoping of work beyond the yearly funding cycle and work plan
  • make clear AITSL’s position within the education landscape
  • articulate a plan for how the organisation will support education reform
  • set long-term goals.

AITSL's Strategic Plan 2019–2022 includes a one-page outline of AITSL’s goals, focus areas, guiding principles, areas for action, and a more detailed account of the actions that will address AITSL’s priorities. The long-term goals articulated in the Strategic Plan have been developed into short-term and medium-term organisational performance measures. These measures are reflected in the Corporate Plan 2019–2022.

The AITSL Strategic Plan 2019–2022 can be found at aitsl.edu.au/about-aitsl/governance

Guiding principles underpinning our focus areas and actions

  • Every child experiences a quality education.
  • Graduate teachers are well-prepared to teach when they enter the profession.
  • Improving professional practice is central to maximising impact on learners.
  • Leadership is a team effort at all levels.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education needs are understood, respected and supported in all actions.
  • Evidence and knowledge drive our decisions and we evaluate and learn as we progress.

Goals and focus areas

Goal 1: Strengthened capability and a shared commitment to professional growth

  • Placing impact of initial teacher education (ITE), teaching and leadership at the centre of our work
  • Building, enhancing and sustaining effective teaching and leadership at every level

Goal 2: Use of evidence to inform practice and improve learner outcomes

  • Advocating for quality and rigour in the design and implementation of national policies, tools and resources
  • Supporting the professional education community to make evidence-based decisions

Goal 3: A valued profession

  • Affirming the status of the profession

Actions we’re undertaking to achieve our goals

  • Promote and support implementation of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and the Australian Professional Standard for Principals in partnership with jurisdictions to increase their impact
  • Strengthen leadership engagement, broaden participation in leadership and enhance the capability of aspiring and emerging leaders
  • Consult with the Indigenous community and stakeholders to identify services to benefit Indigenous teachers and teachers of Indigenous students and studies
  • Play a key role in national initiatives to support quality teaching and leadership
  • Promote Australian Curriculum-mapped formative and diagnostic tools to better enable teachers and leaders to understand more clearly their impact and support individual learner progress
  • Strengthen the evidence base about the teaching profession, sponsor research and support the use of evidence in decision making and professional practice
  • Drive and support improvement of excellent initial teacher education
  • Develop and implement a strategy to affirm the status of the teaching profession and seek to enhance teacher professionalism through all projects and initiatives
  • Provide accurate and efficient skills assessments for teacher migration to Australia
  • Strengthen collaboration and cooperation with stakeholders and all educators
  • Use new technologies to enhance and strengthen AITSL’s capacity and capabilities
  • Consolidate and strengthen our resource base and use resources efficiently to maximise our impact