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Our value chain

We publish a suite of products in different formats and provide a range of data services to clients. Figure 2.1: AIHW value chain for data and information, ethics and advice and metadata services shows how we add value through the information cycle to create authoritative and accessible information and statistics. Our ability to securely link multiple data sets and provide customised data services supports our clients and stakeholders to undertake their own analysis and research.

Figure 2.1: AIHW value chain for data and information, ethics and advice and metadata services AIHW's value chain diagram showing how we collect data then analyse data then produce data and products and visualisations and then disseminate data and information. We investigate, apply and monitor through our ethics process. We design, develop and publish metadata.

People-centred model

We use a people-centred model for reporting data, recognising that our personal circumstances are key drivers of our health and wellbeing (Figure 2.2: The AIHW’s person-centred model). This helps us better understand the relationships between these aspects of our lives—also known as social determinants— and our health and wellbeing. These different aspects are interconnected, with each having flow-on effects to others. We bring together data from across multiple topics to create new insights into the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Figure 2.2: The AIHW’s person-centred model  housing, education and skills, employment and work, income and finance, health, social support and justice and safety

AGILE framework

We are committed to making the information and statistics we produce widely accessible. We adopted what we call an ‘AGILE’ framework to deliver layered information to a variety of audience types (Figure 2.3: AGILE framework). We aimed to produce more high-level overviews to complement our traditional in-depth, policy-relevant reports for health and welfare policymakers and the public.

Figure 2.3: AGILE framework  AGILE is an acronym of Attract, Grab, Impact, Learn, Explore. ATTRACT products are very short; they get people's attention. GRAB products are short, easy to find and use; they are for people in a hurry. IMPACT products have information organised in ways that are more meaningful. LEARN products answer questions and explore ideas; they are tailored to the needs of specific audiences. EXPLORE products allow access to more detailed data; they are for those with specific interests.