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Data governance

We manage data professionally, with due respect for its sensitivity, and with privacy and confidentiality assured through legislation, robust data policies and procedures. This includes use of rigorous controls to determine access and release arrangements, and the scrutiny of a legally-constituted and independent AIHW Ethics Committee.

Data governance framework

Our Data Governance Framework provides an overview of our robust data governance arrangements, including:

  • a description of key concepts in data and data governance
  • the legal, regulatory and governance environment in which we operate
  • core data governance structures and roles
  • an overview of our data-related policies, procedures and guidelines
  • systems and tools supporting data governance
  • compliance regimes.

The framework and a short overview document, Data governance—in-brief, are available at www.aihw.gov.au/about-our-data/data-governance.

Our Data Governance Committee establishes an annual work plan of data governance activities, makes operational decisions, and provides advice and recommendations to our Executive Committee on significant data governance matters. In 2018–19, the Data Governance Committee met 6 times, convened 4 data custodian forums to discuss matters of interest and issues affecting AIHW data custodians, and reported regularly to the Executive Committee on the delivery and/or progress on a range of projects in its work plan. These included:

  • updating policies and delegations around the release of data
  • integrating the use of Five Safes, including development of Five Safes Access Control Profiles
  • development of guidance to support provision of external researchers with ‘live’ access to our data for their research projects (e.g. by remote access or co-located in an AIHW unit)
  • publishing enhanced information about our data holdings on our website
  • advising data custodians
  • undertaking a review of the operation of a checklist for data custodians designed to provide greater guidance on key responsibilities and the documentary evidence required for data audits
  • updating the Data Governance Framework for currency
  • enhancing our internal data catalogue.