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Our products

In 2018–19, we published 181 products, including traditional reports as well as web products. In addition, most releases were supported by data and visual analytics products.

This chapter showcases some products released in 2018–19. These demonstrate how we achieved our strategic goals (see Chapter 1: Our performance), filled data gaps and added value to the information landscape. Some of these products received significant attention in mainstream and industry-specific media. Feedback from stakeholders was also positive as evidenced through Twitter mentions, requests to present at conferences (see Appendix 1: Products, journal articles and presentations) and other formal and informal stakeholder interactions.

A list of released products is shown in Appendix 1: Products, journal articles and presentations. In 2019–20, we will continue to develop innovative products in health and welfare. These will include publishing our 2 biennial flagship reports—Australia’s welfare 2019 and Australia’s health 2020—in diverse new formats to meet the needs of our audiences.​

Jenny Hargreaves presenting at the Health Information Management Association Conference

Tylie Bayliss making a poster presentation at the Australasian Epidemiological Association Conference

AGILE framework

We are committed to making the information and statistics we produce widely accessible. We adopted what we call an ‘AGILE’ framework to deliver layered information to a variety of audience types (see Figure 2.2). We aimed to produce more high-level overviews to complement our traditional in-depth, policy-relevant reports for health and welfare policymakers and the public.

Figure 2.2: AIHW AGILE frameworkAn image of AIHW’s AGILE framework targeting products for a specific audience.

ATTRACT products are very short; they get people’s attention. Infographics, posters and fact sheets are among our Attract products.

GRAB products are short, easy to find and use; they are for people in a hurry. Media releases, fact sheets, presentations and infographics are some of the products that will help Grab our audience.

IMPACT products have information organised in ways that are more meaningful. Infographics, fact sheets, and PDF and HTML reports (including In focus reports) are products with Impact.

LEARN products answer questions and explore ideas; they are tailored to the needs of specific audiences. Products like our PDF and HTML reports, data visualisations and data tables let the audience Learn.

EXPLORE products allow access to more detailed data; they are for those people with specific interests. Data visualisations, data tables and data cubes are among our products that allow our users to Explore.

Person-centred model

​​We use a person-centred model for reporting data, recognising that our personal circumstances are key drivers of our health and wellbeing (see Figure 2.3). This helps us better understand the relationships between these aspects of our lives—also known as social determinants—and our health and wellbeing. These different aspects of our lives are interconnected, with each having flow-on effects to others. We bring data from across multiple topics to create new insights into the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Figure 2.3: The AIHW’s person-centred modelAIHW’s person-centred model shows the focus on a person in all our work including health, housing, social support, education and skills, employment, income and finance, and justice and safety.