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Balance sheet

Net asset position

The net asset position at 30 June 2019 was $2,254,938 (2018: $2,389,115).

Total assets

Total assets at 30 June 2019 were $13,251,596 (2018: $11,131,457). Financial assets increased by $2,120,139. This increase in financial assets was mainly due to an increase in the amount of Section 74 receipts received at the end of June 2019. Non‑financial assets increased by $221,446. The increase in non-financial assets is mainly due to purchase of capital assets mostly video and telephony systems following the move to new premises in 2018 and an increase in prepayments.

Total liabilities

Total liabilities at 30 June 2019 were $10,996,658 (2018: $8,742,342). The increase is mainly due to a higher level of unearned revenue of $2,112,059 and increases in employee provisions of $95,645.