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Outlook for 2019/20

Planning for our 16th AIFS Conference on 9–12 June 2020 was begun in 2018/19, with the bulk of the work to take place in 2019/20. The 16th AIFS Conference coincides with the Institute’s 40th anniversary, and we will celebrate this milestone at the conference by showcasing our research over the years.

The AIFS Conference as well as other events are central to our knowledge translation capability strategy, which we will continue to implement in 2019/20.

The key priorities for 2019/20 include:

  • implementing knowledge translation strategies for our research
  • planning and implementing the AIFS 2020 Conference
  • enhancing our data management strategy for future capability requirements
  • planning for the migration of our websites’ content management system
  • an end-to-end review of our recruitment strategy
  • testing and refining our new performance measures.

We will continue to experiment, learn and adapt, to innovate and build on the research excellence for which we are highly regarded. We will advance our capabilities and our partnerships to ensure that our research evidence is useful for those who need it, in particular policy makers, service providers and the Australian public.

Anne Hollonds
Director, Australian Institute of Family Studies
06 September 2019