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Work health and safety

We take a proactive approach to work health and safety and injury prevention. We continue to identify and assess hazards and ensure that risk control strategies are in place. This year we:

  • provided access to an employee assistance program which includes manager assistance, mediation services and other employee information and support services;
  • implemented targeted and random, unannounced drug and alcohol testing of high risk and lower risk employees;
  • conducted regular workplace inspections to identify hazards and determine appropriate controls; and
  • implemented an early intervention training program that targeted managers. The purpose of the program was to provide managers with tools and strategies to support employees who may require early intervention assistance.

National Work Health and Safety Committee

The National Work Health and Safety Committee meets quarterly and is responsible for:

  • supporting the executive by helping to identify, develop, review and implement measures to protect and actively manage the health and safety of workers;
  • promoting and monitoring measures to ensure safe work practices;
  • facilitating consultation and communication with workers about work health and safety matters; and
  • undertaking functions as prescribed in the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and related regulations.

Health and wellbeing program

Our Health and Wellbeing Program continues to evolve with staff input, reviews of better practice and new initiatives. The program aims to:

  • help staff make positive health and behaviour changes;
  • promote a culture that supports healthy and positive lifestyles;
  • provide a central source of health and wellbeing information and resources;
  • inspire staff to take ownership of health and wellbeing initiatives in their offices;
  • encompass a broad view of health including physical, mental and social aspects; and
  • demonstrate our commitment to the health and wellbeing of employees and their families.

Workers compensation

The agency’s workers compensation insurance premium gives an indication of an employer’s effectiveness in preventing injury or illness and in helping its employees to return to work quickly and safely after a work-related injury or illness. The AIC is committed to supporting employees with work-related injuries or illness and, as outlined in our policies, early intervention is a key strategy. There were no workers compensation claims submitted during 2018–19.

Incidents and investigations

There were no incidents reported during 2018–19.

Under section 38 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the agency is required to notify Comcare immediately after becoming aware of any death, serious personal injury or dangerous incident. There were no notifiable incidents during 2018–19. Nor was the AIC subject to any external work health and safety investigations in 2018–19.