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Performance criteria

The AIC’s Corporate plan 2018–19 to 2021–22 and the Portfolio Budget Statement for 2018–19 include the criteria used to measure the Institute’s performance. These are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Achievement against performance criteria, 2018–19

Performance criteria




100 percent of publications in the Trends & issues (T&I) and Research Report series are peer reviewed. This ensures the quality of the Institute’s research output.




Reports produced for each of the monitoring programs are issued according to schedule, annually or biennially.

4 monitoring reports expected in 2018–19

4 reports published in 2018–19


23 peer-reviewed T&I and Research Report papers are prepared for publication.

23 peer-reviewed publications

28 peer-reviewed reports published


38 other publications—including Statistical Reports, Statistical Bulletins, briefs, journal articles, consultancy reports et cetera—are produced each year.

38 other publications

39 other publications produced


At least 10 roundtables, workshops and other forums are held annually.

10 events

12 events


The AIC achieved or exceeded its targets for all five of its performance criteria. During the year, all Trends & issues and Research Reports were subject to rigorous, double-blind peer review, ensuring that the Institute’s research stands up to external scrutiny. In total, 28 peer-reviewed reports were produced, against a target of 23 for the year. See Appendix 1 for further details.

The AIC also intended to release four Statistical Reports during the year and all were released as planned, thereby helping to achieve the target of producing 38 other publications. For details of these publications, see Appendix 2.

Recognising the importance of disseminating research findings through face-to-face events, as well as through publication, the AIC also has a target of holding 10 roundtables, workshops and other forums each year. In 2018–19, 12 such events were held on a range of topics, including child exploitation material, the mafia, organised crime, CCTV, domestic violence and youth crime. See Appendix 3 for further details.