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AIATSIS focused on its strategic initiatives and priorities for 2020-21 coupled with matching or exceeding the targets published in the Corporate Plan and Portfolio Budget Statement.

By enlisting the expertise of all 13 business units in our four groups, each business unit develops and reports on its business plan. In turn, each of the four groups has an overarching business plan, which is linked to the Corporate Plan and inspires the unit plans.

Underpinning our focus are our five strategies, each with a series of goals. The strategies are summarised as:

Strategy: Build and preserve a national collection and make it accessible

  • ensuring our collection is representative, relevant, diverse, accessible and digital

Strategy: Promote better understanding of Indigenous people‘s cultures and heritage

  • ensuring we are the national forum for dialogue, delivering transformative experiences and high-quality exhibitions, products and publications

Strategy: Lead and influence on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research, ethics, protocols and collections

  • ensuring we speak authoritatively, articulating national priorities, arbitrating standards and innovating in ethical, impactful evidence-based research and collection practices

Strategy: Partner and collaborate with our communities, partners and governments

  • ensuring we grow diverse and enduring partnerships and networks in Australia and across the world, underpinned by culturally competent work practices

Strategy: Advise on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage

  • ensuring we are a trusted adviser delivering world-class expertise on the situation and status of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage.

Additionally our Corporate Plan commits us to:

  • delivering a stronger and enhanced capability in our workforce, improved information and communication technologies, appropriate infrastructure housing our workplace and the Collection, responsible governance, and relationships to achieve our purpose and targeted outcome
  • delivering cost-effective services to, and for, government on behalf of all of our stakeholders.