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About this Report

Introduction and summaries

  • Provide a brief guide to AIATSIS, including its purpose and outcomes
  • Summarise our performance in 2018–19

Executive overview

  • Presents the reports of the AIATSIS Council Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer for 2018–19
  • Provides an overview of financial results for 2018–19
  • Looks forward to 2019–20 and beyond

Our performance

  • Summarises AIATSIS’ performance in the Annual Performance Statement 2018–19
  • Discusses performance against the five strategic priorities in the AIATSIS Corporate Plan 2018–19 to 2021–22
  • Shares how AIATSIS:
    • tells the story of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia
    • creates opportunities for people to encounter, engage with and be transformed by that story
    • supports and facilitates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural resurgence
    • shapes the national narrative

Our organisation

  • Reports on management and accountability matters as required under the annual report guidelines, including:
    • governance structures
    • external accountability mechanisms
    • people management activities
    • financial management activities
    • other mandatory information

Financial statements

  • Presents AIATSIS’ audited financial statements for 2018–19


  • Provides additional information to support the reporting provided in ‘Our performance’ and ‘Our organisation’

Aids to access

  • Provides materials that can help the reader to access and interpret the report