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Environment Statement

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Human rights principles are fundamentally embedded within the principles of ecologically sustainable development. The Commission uses energy saving methods in its operations and it endeavours to make the best use of resources while reducing its environmental impact through appropriate recycling schemes.

In 2019–2020 we continued to mitigate the effects of our impact on the environment by:

  • maintaining our commitment to an Electronic Document Record Management System (EDRMS), facilitating digital recordkeeping. Our implementation of this system has been recognised as being a frontrunner for clever use of technology within Government
  • using Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams facilities to reduce air and road travel
  • building on the establishment of our paperless record management system for the Investigation and Conciliation Service
  • continuing to facilitate the management of paperless corporate operations through the continued use of and implementation of any enhancements available for our enterprise resource management system
  • participating in Earth Hour (to the extent possible during COVID‑19)
  • powering down all non-essential electronic equipment (including multi-use devices and non-essential air conditioning units) during the Christmas to New Year, and other sustained shutdown periods, including during the COVID‑19 pandemic
  • encourage utilisation of facilities and other workspace initiatives made available under our building lease, which support the Commission’s commitment to environmental sustainability and provide opportunities for staff to ride and walk to work participating in our building’s sustainable waste management system which promotes recycling.