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Commission activity

The following provides a snapshot of the Commission’s monitored activity for 2019–2020.

Public presence

9 Major events

118 Web news

339 Media enquiries

244 Interviews

8 Opinion pieces

Key speaking engagements

248 Combined Commission Executive orations, keynote and other speeches

Digital engagement

35 YouTube videos

3,890 YouTube subscribers

6,139,151 Website visits

10,245,468 Website pageviews

121,208 Facebook likes (Combined Commission/Commissioner)

125,289 Facebook followers (Combined Commission/Commissioner)

92,173 Twitter followers (Combined Commission/Commissioner)

National Information Service

Answered 12,554 enquiries from people seeking information about discrimination and human rights

Investigation and Conciliation Service

2,307 complaints about discrimination and breaches of human rights received

1,432 conciliation processes conducted – 70% of these complaints successfully resolved

Reports, research, educational resources, and publications

1 Statutory Report

1 National Inquiry and Report

15 Other reports, Issue/Discussion papers, Guidelines, corporate publications

3 Training / school teaching packages

2 School teaching packages

6 Information resource suites

Human rights education and training

21 Face-to-face training workshops with 566 participants

10 Online training workshops with approx.1,204 participants

31 Information sessions reaching over 1,377 attendees

Legal expertise and investigation

48 Submissions to public inquiries 15 invited appearances at hearings

4 Intervention in Court proceedings (judgment delivered)

7 Australian Human Rights Commission Act reports

Appendix 3 lists the Commission’s 2019–2020 key activities, programs and services in 2019–2020.
Appendix 4 lists the Commission’s major events, reports, education resources and other publications completed in 2019–2020.