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A key strategic aim and a pillar of our national conversation project is ensuring that more people understand human rights and are able to protect them.

In recent years we have been growing our internal capability to share our human rights expertise, particularly through conducting training, developing online resources and delivering technical co-operation activities within the Asia-Pacific region.

We maintain a pool of qualified educational trainers (undertaking Certificate IV level qualifications) and have begun implementation of an online learning management system as an accessible electronic portal for our training resources.

We conduct evaluation of all training and technical assistance workshops and programs. The results of this consistently show that we have built capacity and knowledge through our activities, with pre- and-post-workshop surveys showing immediate increases in the knowledge and skills of individuals attending.

The challenge is for us to build capacity beyond individual workshop attendees. To this end, we have entered into partnerships with organisations to build capacity across their organisations more broadly by embedding human rights practices into their work. This model is demonstrated by our work with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and our ongoing collaboration with the Australian Defence Force.

Our main barrier to further effectiveness is resourcing. Without dedicated funding to grow our human rights education program, we focus on ensuring that the resources that we develop for one purpose can be re-purposed for a broader audience, while also ensuring their availability and accessibility.