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Overview of Performance

The following outcomes will mark AFMA’s success:

  • AFMA-managed fisheries are acknowledged as sustainable
    • Achieved by: a fully developed and integrated Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA)/Ecological Risk Management (ERM) system, supported by high quality government policy and science that is publicly available.
  • Fisheries governance is efficient and effective
    • Achieved by: employing modern technology to deliver stakeholder self-service, and making the fishing industry accountable as individuals and groups (e.g. co-management).
  • Fisheries regulation is focused on ‘harms’
    • Achieved by: removing unnecessary regulation and making it easy to comply, backed by a proportionate penalties regime and incentives that reward compliant operators.
  • Stakeholders are confident in AFMA
    • Achieved by: alignment of AFMA and stakeholder expectations through the use of broad engagement systems and shared objectives.

In 2019-20 AFMA successfully delivered outcomes across all four of its goals as depicted in the table below. Overall, we either exceeded, fully achieved or substantially achieved 86 per cent of our targets (i.e. 12 out of 14 performance measures). Good progress was made toward meeting 1 out of 14 targets where we partly met the criteria and limited progress was made towards meeting 1 out of 14 targets where we did not meet the target. Detailed analysis is provided on pages 14 to 32.

 a) maximise the number of key commercial with harvest strategy targets based on maximum economic yield or the best available proxy. Target At least 15 result 14 b) improve the number of stocks in a) assessed as being on economic target. (number of stocks) target 4 result 4 c) for those stocks in (a) that are assessed as not on target, improve the number of stocks that are heading towards their target reference point. (number of stocks) target 7 result 4 Major fisheries have harvest strategies that meet the Harvest Strategy Policy 2018 (HSP2018) within 3 years (number of fisheries) target 6 result 0 Other fisheries have harvest strategies that meet the HSP2018 within 4 years (number of fisheries) target 2 result 2 Compliance with Commonwealth fisheries laws and policies and relevant international fishing obligations and standards Percentage of treatment targets for all priority domestic risks met target 90% result 78.1% Percentage of apprehended illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) vessels and suspected illegal entry vessels delivered to AFMA’s vessel disposal facilities were disposed of target 100% result 100%Percentage of briefs of evidence relating to foreign offenders submitted to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions within 7–10 days from their arrival in Australia target 90% result 100% Deliver efficient, cost-effective and accountable management of Commonwealth fisheries resources Industry cost recovery charges do not exceed the levels derived by increasing the 2005-05 recoveries by the Consumer Price Index each year target <$19.0 million result $14.3 million