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The Australian Fisheries Management Authority operates within the Australian Government’s outcome and performance frameworks. The outcome for each agency articulates the government’s objectives for the agency and provides a basis for budgeting and reporting the use of funds appropriated by government. The agency’s purpose, as stated in its corporate plan, sets out why it exists, and identifies the strategic objectives that it intends to pursue.

Outcome and Program

AFMA’s purpose is:

‘The ecologically sustainable development of Commonwealth fisheries for the benefit of the Australian community.’

AFMA’s goals and strategies are aimed at continuing to deliver ecologically sustainable and economically efficient Commonwealth fisheries over the current and forecast period. In the Portfolio Budget Statements for 2019-20, AFMA is responsible for a single government program: Program 1.1 Australian Fisheries Management Authority. The Annual Performance Statement is structured to highlight the major elements of AFMA’s corporate goals:

1. Management of Commonwealth fisheries consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development

AFMA will integrate long-term and short-term economic, environmental, social and equity considerations, apply the precautionary principle and minimise the impacts on biological diversity. In doing so, we will also work with commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishers.

2. Maximum net economic returns to the Australian community from the management of Commonwealth fisheries

AFMA will develop management arrangements that seek to maximise economic yield for commercial fishers while taking into consideration the interests of recreational and Indigenous fishers in Commonwealth fisheries.

3. Compliance with Commonwealth fisheries laws and policies and relevant international fishing obligations and standards

AFMA will cooperate with a range of domestic and international agencies to maintain effective monitoring, control and surveillance of fisheries activities in the Australian Fishing Zone and adjacent waters.

4. Deliver efficient, cost-effective and accountable management of Commonwealth fisheries resources

AFMA will deliver value for money through improved valuation, pricing and incentive mechanisms and ensure accountability to our stakeholders and the broader Australian community.