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Environmental Footprint

Consistent with our legislative objectives, AFMA promotes a clean and green operating environment when conducting its business operations to minimise our impact on the environment. To achieve this we are continually reviewing our operational activities to look for opportunities to minimise waste and limit the impact of our environmental footprint.

Demonstrating this commitment, in selecting our new Canberra office in 2018, we chose a building engineered to include significant measures to enhance its environmental performance. The building uses tri-generation technology, black water recycling, rain water collection and solar powered hot water as well as being modelled to exceed a 4.5 star NABERS energy rating when fully occupied. The Canberra Office is certified as a 5 Star Green Star building and registered with the Green Building Council of Australia. Our Darwin office also has a 5.5 star National Australian Built Environment Rating System energy rating and a five Star Green star rating.

In addition all our offices include zoned air-conditioning and lighting and automatic light dimming in response to daylight sensors. Additionally, intermittently used rooms and spaces are motion sensor activated to reduce energy consumption. AFMA also participates in Earth Hour annually.

We currently purchase approximately 25 per cent of green electricity for our Canberra office as part of the Commonwealth energy contract, and our Thursday Island office utilises a mixture of wind and diesel power. We continue to review and implement regular energy improvements across our Canberra, Darwin, Lakes Entrance and Thursday Island sites. This has included purchasing more energy efficient equipment when required.

AFMA currently uses 100 per cent recycled paper in printers and copiers at all AFMA sites. In addition we make use of portable technology for staff to access documents via portable devices such as iPads and laptop computers to further reduce the reliance on paper documents, in line with the Commonwealth's Digital 2020 Policy. AFMA has issued mobile devices to all staff in the form of new laptop computers and associated Standard Operating Environments in line with AFMA's ICT Strategic Plan that supports and enhances our organisational capability and functionality as well as improves flexible working arrangements for our staff.

Nationwide AFMA leases four motor vehicles. We have changed our internal policy allowing staff to use our energy efficient vehicles on more extended trips. As these leases fall due for renewal we will look for more energy efficient vehicles including the utilisation of Vehicle Telematics, a comprehensive reporting suite that captures daily activity, mileage, odometer and unauthorised vehicle use.

Our continued commitment to reducing our impact on the environment also extends to reducing our staff's general office waste through implementing a composting and commingled recycling system in place for our Canberra office.