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Statement of financial performance

Financial Results

AFMA reported a deficit attributable to the Australian Government of $3.366 million for the 2018-19 financial year, well within the budgeted operating loss of $3.620 million. AFMA's approved operating loss took account of the planned Canberra office relocation project.

AFMA’s total departmental expenditure was $40.6 million against budget expenditure of $40.7 million. Employee expenditure was some $0.5 million lower than budget, mainly due to lower Average Staffing Levels across the agency.

Supplier expenditure was $0.8 million higher than budget mainly due to higher consultancy and contractor costs for the project to transition the financial management information system (Technology One) to the cloud along with additional support in the communications team. Additional expenditure was also incurred for legal services and settlements.

AFMA’s administered expenditure relating to the caretaking and disposal of illegal foreign fishing vessels was $0.8 million, $4.7 million lower than budget. Costs for the caretaking and disposal of illegal foreign fishing vessels were lower due to lower vessel apprehensions than budgeted.