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Reporting framework

The Australian Financial Security Authority has one outcome, as stated in the Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) 2019–20, which we achieve by delivering two programs. See Figure 1 on page 10 for our outcome and program structure.

Our Corporate Plan 2019–20 sets out our purpose and how we will achieve it through our vision. All performance measures are contained in the corporate plan and have been organised according to four goals:

  1. Foster confidence
  2. Deliver value
  3. Effective services
  4. Quality information

Our annual performance statements for 2019–20—presented in this annual report—show our achievements towards our purpose and against the key performance measures set out in our corporate plan and portfolio budget statements.

Figure 5 shows the relationship between the performance measures outlined in our portfolio budget statements and corporate plan, and the reporting in our annual performance statements.

Figure 5: Alignment of portfolio budget statements, corporate plan and annual performance statements, 2019–20 Portfolio budget statements include outcome for program 1.1 and 1.2, aligned to Corporate plan, which includes our vision and our purpose, aligned to Annual performance statements, which report against performance measures for goal 1 foster confidence page 26, goal 2 deliver value page 40, goal 3 effective services page 44 and goal 4 quality information page 53.