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Analysis of Performance Against Purpose

In 2019–20, the performance targets set in the 2019–20 Corporate Plan, both qualitative and quantitative, were principally completed, in some cases exceeding targets set. The School did not reach all its targets regarding diversity in staff composition or student applications for the period. In the staffing categories, the shortfalls or in some instances, improvement against targets, ranged between 0.5% – 2% of target. The lower than desired diversity student application data has been mainly attributed to limited disclosures at the time of application; however, work is being undertaken to expand and focus on particular recruitment activities in FY 2020–21. Also, during this period, the School reviewed the appropriateness of tracking some diversity data at application and opted not to introduce a previously planned data set which also impacted results. Pleasingly, AFTRS continued to experience improvements in enrolment diversity data overall. The School continues to make the application process more accessible to applicants and will continue to respond to and build on the insights the data provides over time.

In the period, some performance measures were reviewed and carried over into FY 2020–21 due to prioritisation of other performance measures or budgetary constraints. The performance outcomes in all cases were aligned to the School’s purpose to provide high-quality education, training, and research.

The School’s strategic direction is to deliver against the School’s key impact agendas including the delivery of high- level, partnered training across Australia, growing own source revenue, continued engagement with the national and international screen and broadcast industry, advancing diversity, inclusion and our First Nations culture and supporting innovation across the sector. The areas of strategic focus are detailed in AFTRS’ four-year Corporate Plan for the period 2020–24.