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Portfolio Budget Statement and Key Performance Criteria

Outcome 1

Support the development of a professional screen arts and broadcast culture in Australia, including through the provision of specialist industry-focused education, training, and research.

Program 1.1

Delivery of specialist education to meet the diverse creative needs of students and the skill requirements of industry by means of Award courses, activities and events and through its Open Program.

Delivery of Program 1.1

Program 1.1 is delivered through higher education award courses, industry skills courses and workshops, outreach and schools programs, corporate courses, and research activities and publications. Target groups comprise potential and current film, television and radio students, members of the screen and broadcast industry, cultural and industry partners, and Indigenous Australians.


Performance criteria:

2019–20 Targets

AFTRS 2019–20 Actuals

Outreach: Build awareness and appreciation of Australian screen and broadcast culture and empower all Australians to tell their stories, wherever they come from and whoever they are.

3,000 participants in AFTRS training

3,993 participants in AFTRS training

50,000 views of AFTRS content and events

352,809 views of AFTRS content and events

10 partnerships a year to deliver training nationally

14 partnerships a year to deliver training nationally

Talent Development: Educate and train new talent to ensure innovative, relevant Australian content creators are supported on their journey into the screen and broadcast industry.

425 Award course applications received

448 Award course applications received

300 new and ongoing Award course student enrolments

360 new and ongoing Award course student enrolments

80% eligible completions

92% eligible completions

Industry Training: Ensure current Australian screen and broadcast practitioners have the highest levels of skills required to compete in the international marketplace.

200 industry practitioners trained

1871 industry practitioners trained

Triennial consultation on national skills requirements of industry

Undertaken in FY 2018–19 — consultation next due FY 2021–22

2 industry research projects per year

2 industry research projects undertaken