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Our Strategic Direction

FY 2020 is the final year of AFTRS’ five-year corporate strategy: The Rise of the Creative Entrepreneur launched in 2016. With a new CEO at the helm, the School will launch a new five-year corporate strategy in FY 2021, taking into account the significant progress made by the School to date, under the current strategy, and a changing operating environment that has new risks and opportunities to be considered.

AFTRS will continue to focus on realising its purpose and defining its unique value in the industry and education sectors. As expressed in the FY 2020-2021 Corporate Plan AFTRS continues to focus on the three strategic pillars: Find, Develop, and Support.

1. Finding Talent

AFTRS will continue to focus on career development activities, outreach and programs that deliver creative thinking, media literacy and production skills to school students, young people and emerging practitioners Australia-wide, and to develop new pathways into the School and industry. AFTRS will partner with diverse community and cultural organisations across Australia to offer workshops, scholarships, and skills development opportunities, and offer workshops that identify and support emerging First Nations storytellers in building their skills.

2. Developing Talent

AFTRS will continue to bring out the very best in students by offering the highest quality student experience and delivering excellence in education and training. AFTRS will provide industry-relevant, practice-oriented Award courses, with a focus on work-readiness, through internships and attachments, so our graduates have the understanding of creativity and entrepreneurship to generate new ideas and create sustainable careers and economic impact.

3. Supporting Talent

AFTRS will continue to promote life-long learning and offer a holistic slate of courses and programs that will equip current practitioners with the latest insights into new technology and practices, business models and the future of storytelling.

AFTRS remains focused on evolving the Australian screen and broadcast industries by forward-focused curriculum and culture informed by insights drawn from close partnerships and consultation with industry.

AFTRS maintains its commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion, with it embedded into all levels of the organisation and student experience, through accessible applications processes, supporting students, and partnering to build career pathways. The School continues to work with industry to promote best practice that will ensure it reflects and draws from the talents of the entire Australian population.

AFTRS actively participates in cultivating innovation through the understanding of new advances, updating curriculum, collaborating with emerging platforms, and supporting Australian talent and IP through applied innovations projects.