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Appendix 9. Public Programs

Open Days and Tasters

Open Day

Saturday 10 August 2019

Postgraduate Info Evening

Wednesday 29 August 2019

Masters Taster (Melbourne)

Saturday 6 July 2019

Krista Jordan (Head of Animation, AFTRS), Stephen Murphy (Head of Sound, AFTRS), Alejandra Canales (Lecturer Documentary, AFTRS) and Maija Howe (Senior Lecturer Creative Practice, AFTRS) shared AFTRS Master of Arts Screen’s unique approach to story, collaboration and interdisciplinary practice in an interactive Future of Story workshop session. AFTRS Head of Producing and Screen Business, Peter Herbert, lead a provocative discussion on the future of screen business.

Masters Taster (Perth)

Saturday 13 July 2019

Krista Jordan (Head of Animation, AFTRS) in conversation with local writer, director and AFTRS alumni, Maziar Lahooti, about the Future of Story and the School’s transformative Master of Arts Screen program.

Masters Taster (Adelaide)

Saturday 27 July 2019

Krista Jordan (Head of Animation, AFTRS), Stephen Murphy (Head of Sound, AFTRS) and Alejandra Canales (Lecturer Documentary, AFTRS) provided an inspiring and thought-provoking discussion about the Future of Story and the School’s transformative Master of Arts Screen program.

Events, Conferences, and Festivals

In 2019–2020 AFTRS held over 45 events and public programs, hosted at AFTRS’ facilities or online via live streams to AFTRS Facebook page or Zoom.

  • Number of events and public programs: 45
  • Number of attendees: 5,632
  • Number of online events: 28
  • Number of online viewers: 2,846.

Graduation Ceremony

27 March 2020

Our annual graduation ceremony was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Graduands graduated ‘in absentia’.

Re: Frame

30 October 2019

Audience Engagement in the Attention Economy

Our third Re: Frame event unearths new thinking and considers questions about how new technologies, new platforms and new demands are changing the ways that we conceive and create content. What do these rapid and dramatic shifts mean for Australian creatives today? What new challenges do we face? What opportunities arise from this fast-moving, digitising and increasingly global marketplace for stories?

Georgie McClean (Acting CEO, AFTRS) (Host), Richard Harris (Panel Moderator), Dr Peter McKenzie (La Perouse LALC) (Guest Speaker), Elisa Choy (Founder and Principal, Strategic Data Central) (Keynote Speaker), Seb Chan (Chief Experience Officer, ACMI) (Keynote Speaker), Ashley Chang (APAC Culture & Trends Lead, YouTube) (Panellist), Bec Bignall (Regional Producer/Founder, Rural Room) (Panellist), Georgia Rowe (Content Innovation, ABC) (Panellist), Kate Hodges (Impact Producer, Shark Island Institute) (Panellist).

Black Talk: Torres Strait Storytelling

15 October 2019

Insights into the wonderful world of Torres Strait Islander storytelling with a focus on content and broadcast creativity. The final Black Talk of the year featured a keynote from our new Elder-in Residence, Sonia Smallacombe, and a conversation with two talented Torres Strait Islander storytellers, Aaron Fa’Aoso and Bernard Namok Jnr.

Kyas Sherriff (Head of Indigenous, AFTRS) (Host and Moderator), Sonia Smallacombe (Keynote Speaker), Aaron Fa’Aoso (Guest Speaker) and Bernard Namok Jnr (Guest Speaker).

8 From 8

31 July 2019

Supporting the storytellers of the future and leading debates about the nature of the stories we conceive, create, and consume. Eight exciting Australian screen storytellers from each of Australia’s eight States and Territories give their unique perspectives on genesis and development of Australian stories in a digital age.

Russel Howcroft (AFTRS Council Chair) (Host and Moderator); Niki Aken (Writer) (Australian Capital Territory); S. Shakthidharan (Writer, Director, Producer and Composer) (New South Wales); Philip Tarl Denson (Screenwriter) (Northern Territory); Lee May (Game Designer) (Queensland); Kate Croser (Head of Production and Development, KOJO) (South Australia); Martine Delaney (Writer, LGBTI Advocate/Lobbyist, Stand-up Comic) (Tasmania); Natasha Pincus (Writer, Director) (Victoria); Kelrick Martin (Head of Indigenous, ABC) (Western Australia).

Indigenous Language and Knowledge Keeping

15 July 2019

A special evening of language, knowledge, and storytelling to mark the United Nations 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages. Led by Indigenous Australian storytellers and multidiscipline practitioners, engage with the world’s oldest living culture as it continues to diversify and evolve. Special guests include AFTRS alumna Rachel Perkins speaking about her deep connection to the keeping of Indigenous language and storytelling and Uncle Bruce Pascoe giving his very last presentation as AFTRS inaugural Elder-in-Residence.

Kyas Sherriff (Head of Indigenous, AFTRS) (Host and Moderator), Uncle Bruce Pascoe (Guest Speaker) and Rachel Perkins (Guest Speaker).

Talks @ AFTRS: a series of virtual talks for the screen and broadcast industry

TALKS @ AFTRS: Alexs Stadermann, Jacquie Trowell and Richard Jeffrey

30 June 2020

Three of Australia’s leading animation directors, Alexs Stadermann, Jacquie Trowell and Richard Jeffery speak about the wonder and potential that is animation in Australia.

Panel: Andrew Garrick (Writer, Producer and Director) (Moderator), Alexs Stadermann (Director, Storyteller and Animation Professional), Jacquie Trowell (Director, Animator) and Richard Jeffrey (Director, Animator).

TALKS @ AFTRS: David Michôd and Mirrah Foulkes

23 June 2020

Australian directors David Michôd and Mirrah Foulkes talk feature films, collaboration, and creative inspiration.

Panel: Rowan Woods (Head of Directing, AFTRS) (Moderator), David Michôd (Writer, Director) and Mirrah Foulkes (Actor, Writer and Director).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Tony McNamara and Marian Macgowan

16 June 2020

Oscar-nominated screenwriter and AFTRS alumnus Tony McNamara and producer Marian Macgowan discuss their latest production, The Great, for Hulu (available on STAN) and other works from their celebrated careers.

Panel: Pieter Aquilia (Head of Screenwriting, AFTRS) (Moderator), Tony McNamara (Writer, Producer) and Marian Macgowan (Producer).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Jeffrey Walker and Shelley Birse

9 June 2020

Recent collaborators, director Jeffrey Walker and writer Shelley Birse discuss their work on STAN series The Commons and their stellar careers.

Panel: Rowan Woods (Head of Directing, AFTRS) (Moderator), Jeffrey Walker (Director, Executive Producer) and Shelley Birse (Writer).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Kate Dennis and Jonathan Brough

2 June 2020

Two of Australia’s top television directors Kate Dennis and Jonathan Brough talk about the new directions in screen comedy, focussing on the new wave of drama/comedy hybrids.

Panel: Denise Eriksen (Founder, Media Mentors) (Moderator), Kate Dennis (Director) and Jonathan Brough (Director).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Leanne Cartwright- Bradford and Marc Fennell

26 May 2020

This session explores the world of storytelling via podcast with Audible’s Leanne Cartwright-Bradford Manager and Marc Fennell, creator of one of Audible’s most successful recent podcasts, sharing insights of narrative audio and the burgeoning podcasting industry.

Panel: Tony Rasmussen (Senior Lecturer – Radio, AFTRS) (Moderator), Leanne Cartwright-Bradford (Country Manager, Audible) and Marc Fennell (Interviewer, Journalist, Documentary-maker and Author).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Kriv Stenders and Jocelyn Moorhouse

19 May 2020

This edition of Talks @ AFTRS featured two of Australia’s leading directors – Kriv Stenders and Jocelyn Moorhouse – discussing their careers and projects and exploring moving between the worlds of television and feature films.

Panel: Rowan Woods (Head of Directing, AFTRS) (Moderator), Kriv Stenders (Director) and Jocelyn Moorhouse (Director).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Sarah Walker and Michael Robotham

12 May 2020

This instalment featured two of Australia’s leading most prolific creators and writers of both shows and books we love – Sarah Walker and Michael Robotham. They have most recently worked together on Ten’s new hit drama The Secrets She Keeps, but each have an incredible back catalogue of household-name work. In this conversation, they discuss their latest project, as well as the how we tell psychological drama-stories in a world on edge.

Panel: Andrew Garrick (Writer, Producer, and Director) (Moderator), Sarah Walker (Writer, Script Producer, Story Consultant, Creator) and Michael Robotham (Writer, Author).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Vicki Madden and Louise Fox

5 May 2020

Talks @ AFTRS featured two of Australia’s leading supernatural creators and writers – Vicki Madden and Louise Fox – as they uncover the secrets of successfully writing about the paranormal.

Panel: Denise Eriksen (Founder, Media Mentors) (Moderator), Vicki Madden (Producer, Writer, and Showrunner) and Louise Fox (Writer, Showrunner, Creator).

TALKS @ AFTRS: Tony Ayres and Sheila Jayadev

28 April 2020

This edition featured Australian producers Tony Ayres and Sheila Jayadev discussing the creation the series Stateless, and their current slate of projects.

Panel: Robbie Miles (Producer, Producing Lecturer, AFTRS) (Moderator), Tony Ayres (Showrunner, Writer, and Director) and Sheila Jayadev (Producer)

TALKS @ AFTRS: Daina Reid and Emma Freeman

21 April 2020

The first Talks @ AFTRS featured Australian directors Daina Reid and Emma Freeman sharing their experiences of directing top-flight local and international TV.

Panel: Rowan Woods (Head of Directing, AFTRS) (Moderator), Daina Reid (Director) and Emma Freeman (Director).

TV Talks

TV TALKS: April – June 2020

Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

TV Talks: Celebrating Women

3 March 2020

To celebrate International Women’s Day, TV Talks hosted three incredibly impressive, creative women to discuss their work, their mentors, gender diversity, #metoo, and future-proofing your career in the Australian screen industry.

Panel: Anita Jacoby (Producer, broadcast executive, journalist) (Moderator), Helen Bowden (Managing Director, Producer, Lingo Pictures), Jacquelin Perske (Writer, Script Producer) and Que Minh Luu (Executive Producer, Drama, ABC).

TV Talks: Eureka!

4 February 2020

Eureka, a young powerhouse of creativity, has become a force to be reckoned with in Australian and International television production. Less than a year after launching, the company produced over seventy hours of programming and in 2018, had eight series go to air. Founders of Eureka discuss how they have built this extraordinary company, what’s next, and how they see the world of television changing in the years to come.

Panel: Andrew Garrick (Writer, producer, and director) (Moderator), Chris Culvenor (Co-CEO, Eureka) and Paul Franklin (Co-CEO, Eureka).

TV Talks: 2020 and Beyond

19 November 2019

For the last TV Talks for 2019, we asked a panel of influential producers, broadcasters, and commissioners to do a bit of crystal ball gazing and tell us where they think TV Industry trends are heading in 2020 and beyond.

Panel: Andrew Garrick (Writer, Producer and Director) (Moderator), Bob Campbell (Exec Chairman of Screentime), Kylie Washington (BBC Studios Director of Production, Mike Sneesby (CEO of Stan Entertainment), and Michael Carrington (ABC Director of Entertainment, and Specialist).

TV Talks: Jumping Genres

1 October 2019

At this month’s TV Talks, we met some industry professionals who have made a move between ‘Unscripted’ and ‘Scripted’ and find out how they genre juggle. They also shared how they have grown and developed their careers.

Panel: Wendy Gray (Head of Industry Programs, AFTRS) (Moderator), Damian Davis (Head of Comedy & Entertainment, CJZ), Joel Slack-Smith (Writer/Director), Liliana Munoz (Producer), Lisa Matthews (Director/Writer), and Jacqueline King (Production Manager).

TV Talks: Watching Your Figures

3 September 2019

September’s TV Talks took a turn for the analytical with a panel of brilliant minds dedicating themselves to the question of ratings and audience across platforms, mediums, and broadcasters.

Panel: Andrew Garrick (Writer, Producer and Director) (Moderator), Adrian Coates, (Head of Audience Data & Insights, SBS Australia), Ben Shepherd (Chief Media Officer, CHE Proximity), Doug Peiffer (CEO, Oztam), and Emelia Millward (Head of Research & Insights, Seven Network).

TV Talks: True Crime

6 August 2019

Whether it is drama, documentary, podcasting, or even animation, finding and producing true crime is a huge opportunity for all TV, radio, and online storytellers. For this TV Talks, MC’d by Anita Jacoby (once a journalist, always a journalist) we went cross-genre and welcomed some of Australia’s best true crime storytellers to give us the inside stories.

Panel: Anita Jacoby (Producer, Broadcast Executive, Journalist) (Moderator), Brendan Doyle (Director – The Twist), Caro Meldrum- Hanna (Journalist & Producer – Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane), Gina McKeon (Host/ Journalist – Unravel: Last Seen Katoomba), Greg Haddrick (Writer/EP – Pine Gap, Underbelly), and Mark Llewellyn (Journalist/ Producer – Murder, Lies and Alibis).

TV Talks: Make It Bigger!

9 July 2019

At this month’s TV Talks we discussed with our guests how they make some of the biggest shows on Australian television, and how they continue to craft stories and ideas for us to love, discuss, and be outraged by. They also revealed the most outrageous ideas they have ever pitched or have been pitched.

Panel: Andrew Garrick (Producer/Director) (Moderator), Adrian Swift (Head of Content Development and Production, Nine Network), Caroline Spencer (Director of Unscripted, Fremantle Media), Paul Clarke (EP and Australian Creative Lead – Eurovision), and, Shaun Murphy (Head of TV, Warner Bros).

Make It Monthly

Make It Monthly: May – June 2020

Suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make It Monthly: From Online to.... Where?

2 April 2020

At a time of great disruption in the creative community, we wanted to continue to bring people together – not in person, but online. There are very few people who can make a living from creating online content. This edition featured an extraordinary panel of producers, from various online platforms, sharing ideas about how best to produce online content.

Panel: Denise Eriksen (Founder, Media Mentors) (Moderator), Lee Naimo (Online Investment Manager, Screen Australia), Hayley Adams (Producer and Director), Max Miller (Director), Grace Feng Fang Juan (Writer and Director) and Nikki Tran (Producer).

Make It Monthly: From Melbourne to Morocco – The Story of Miss Fisher

5 March 2020

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries may have started out as an ABC TV series in 2012, but it has evolved as an international hit, with more than a million fans around the world. The Miss Fisher team discussed the evolution of Miss Fisher from television to film.

Panel: Denise Eriksen (Founder, Media Mentors) (Moderator), Fiona Eagger (EP and Producer, Every Cloud Productions), Deb Cox (EP and Writer, Every Cloud Productions), Drew Grove (Commercial Director, Every Cloud Productions) and Edwina Waddy (Australian Production Executive, Roadshow Films).

Make It Monthly: Celebrating the Legends

6 February 2020

The first-ever Make It Monthly in Melbourne brought together some of the best Melbourne has to offer sharing insights, having a laugh, and inspiring others to get a share of this thriving industry.

Panel: Denise Eriksen (Founder, Media Mentors) (Moderator), Tony Ayres (Director, Show Runner and Writer, Tony Ayres Productions), Adam Elliot (Independent Animator and Visual Artist), Sonya Pemberton (Creative Director, Genepool Productions)

OzDox: The Australian Documentary Forum presented by the Australian Directors Guild

AFTRS Main Theatre and streamed.

  • 13 May 2020 – cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 8 April 2020 – cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 11 March 2020
  • 12 February 2020
  • 11 December 2019
  • 13 November 2019
  • 14 August 2019
  • 10 July 2019.

AFTRS Alumni Film Club

Special screening and Q&A events for AFTRS alumni only.

  • 2020 events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 12 December 2019
  • 25 September 2019.