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Freedom of Information

AFTRS is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) and, under Part II of the FOI Act, is required to publish a broad range of information to the public as part of the Information Publication Scheme (IPS). AFTRS displays a plan on its website that shows what information it publishes in accordance with the IPS requirements. This information includes details of AFTRS’ structure, functions, appointments, annual reports, consultation arrangements, and FOI officer.

AFTRS also publishes information resulting from FOI access requests, information to which AFTRS routinely gives access in response to FOI access requests, and information routinely provided to Parliament. AFTRS’ website offers details of the information published under the IPS requirements at https://www.aftrs.edu.au/governance/freedom-of-information

Formal requests may also be made for information about AFTRS and its operations under the FOI Act. These requests are referred to AFTRS’ FOI officer. AFTRS received one FOI request during the reporting period.