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Industrial Relations

AFTRS continued to refine and improve the way we involve staff in decision-making processes. The School has staff elected members on the governing Council, Academic Board, and the Staff Consultative Committee. Staff representatives have input through a range of committees including the Health and Safety Committee, Staff Consultative Committee, Inclusion Taskforce, HR and Union Representatives meetings and the Employee Voice forums with HR and the CEO. Staff input is also provided through regular departmental and divisional meetings and, when seeking input about change, extensive and detailed consultation takes place, and anonymous methods of providing comments have been made available.

Information is available to staff primarily through email, noticeboards, the intranet, and website, and ‘all School’ meetings.

The Modern Award and Agreement Making

Minimum staff terms and conditions of employment are currently established by the Australian Government Industry Award 2016, which contains provisions specific to the School. This took effect in August 2016 replacing the AFTRS Award 2000.

The AFTRS Enterprise Agreement 2017 has been in place since the Fair Work Commission formally approved it in March 2018. This contains the terms and conditions for all AFTRS employees, excluding SES staff.