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Executive Team

The Chief Executive Officer (or Acting Chief Executive Officer) manages the affairs of the School and oversees daily operations and activities according to the general policy approved by the Council. The CEO leads the Executive team, which is made up of key heads of department and divisional directors, who manage the key strategic and operational activities and report to the CEO:

Chief Executive Officer ​Dr Nell Greenwood

As at ​30 June 2020, Executive team were:

  • Acting Director of Curriculum and Student Registrar – Award Course Division
    Mr David Balfour
  • Director of Partnerships and Development – AFTRS Engagement
    Ms Christina Alvarez
  • Director of School Resources
    Ms Bernadette Walker
  • Director of Finance and Technology
    Mr Shomal Parekh
  • Director of Marketing
    Ms Kirsten Downie
  • Director of People and Performance
    Ms Louise Hope
  • Ms Head of Indigenous Unit