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Financial performance

The AFP’s $1,435 million departmental operating income for 2019–20 comprised $1,128 million in government appropriation, $170 million from the ACT Government for policing services and $137 million in other revenue. In addition, the AFP received $78 million in government appropriations for departmental capital expenditure and $53 million in equity injections for specific initiatives. The AFP also administered $8 million in expenses on behalf of the government in 2019–20.

The result for 2019–20 reported by the AFP is a departmental comprehensive loss of $114 million. After adjusting for the impact of depreciation expense of $200 million and including the impact of lease payments of $94 million and the revaluation of non-financial assets of $23 million, the AFP recorded a deficit for the year of $31 million. The deficit was predominately a result of the recognition of an additional provision in respect of unpaid superannuation, the procurement of protective equipment in response to COVID-19 and the bushfires, and reduced leave taken by employees as a result of COVID-19.

Audited financial statements showing the AFP’s financial position are in Chapter 5 Financial statements. The agency resource statement is in Appendix C: Agency resource statement and resources for outcomes. Summary financial tables are in Appendix D: Summary financial tables .