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Results for Outcome 2: A safe and secure environment through policing activities on behalf of the Australian Capital Territory Government

Program 2.1 ACT Community Policing performance measures and results

Source of criterion

PBS 2019–20 (PAES)

Outcome 2, page 68

Corporate Plan 2019–20

Page 6





Target achieved

See ACT Policing Annual Report

The AFP has responsibility for providing policing services in the ACT. This year ACT Policing continued to demonstrate its expertise in emergency management and ongoing work in crime prevention and disruption. Whilst upholding the law in our capital territory, ACT Policing enjoys a high level of community confidence and is able to maintain this via strong community ties and an innovative approach to community policing. ACT Policing is also subject to the ACT performance framework under the 2017–2021 Purchase Agreement for ACT Policing. Further information can be found in the ACT Policing Annual Report, available at www.police.act.gov.au/about-us/publications.