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Strategic initiatives

In 2019–20, the AFP continued to progress three enterprise-wide strategic initiatives, consistent with the AFP Corporate Plan 2019–20:

  • achieving maximum operational impact
  • promoting cultural and organisational health
  • delivering a capable and future ready AFP.

Activities to enhance strategic capabilities

In 2019–20 the AFP continued to invest in our capability framework and strategic capabilities. Table 2.1 shows the strategic initiatives and related activities we progressed to optimise the AFP’s ability to address known challenges and threats as well as those not yet realised.

Table 2.1 Strategic initiatives and related activities, 2019–20

Maximum operational impact



Finalise and implement the Crime Threat Strategies

● Used the Crime Threat Strategies to inform individual capability plan pilots

● Informed the AFP’s priority focus on combating serious threats arising from:

- terrorism and foreign interference

- child exploitation

- transnational, serious and organised crime

- cybercrime

- fraud and corruption

Continue to develop a strengthened prioritisation model

● Following development of the model, commenced a trial in Southern Command

● Testing will continue into 2020–21 before the model is implemented agency wide

Cultural and organisational health



Implement the action plan from the 2018–2023 AFP Health and Wellbeing Strategy

● Continued to implement the outcomes of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, with a particular focus on creating an education framework to combat stigma and equip employees to understand health, as well as developing policies, processes, partnerships and technology

● Introduced a Health Toolkit for leaders to provide educational resources that will assist in managing the health of staff across the agency

● Created a Health Risk Profile tool that informs the organisation about health risk across the organisation

● Introduced a telehealth framework that enables the exchange of health information and the provision of healthcare services across geographic, time, social and cultural barriers

Capable and future ready AFP



Finalise and launch the AFP Performance Management Strategy 2019–2024

● Developed and delivered workshops to 250 AFP supervisors that help to create a working environment that enhances effective performance management

● Reviewed guiding policies to support the building of a high-performance culture

Implement the AFP Capability Strategy

● Established the Capability Board to ensure current and future capability requirements are met to achieve operational effect

● Used the capability approach to identify and prioritise gaps, informing the 2020–21 Strategic Investment Plan

● Used the capability approach in frontline, operational and enterprise areas to design and improve how we deliver business

Develop an operating model that addresses emerging threats, manages risk and aligns with the internal and external environment

● Progressed implementation of an organisational restructure based on a regional model

● Initiated Taskforce Horizon to allocate resources where they are needed the most, with frontline investigative capacity boosted in targeted regional commands

Develop an AFP Domestic Property Strategy

● Progressed work within the Department of Finance’s strategic property framework to develop a Strategic Property Plan that positions the organisation to be future ready, with links to the Strategic Workforce Plan and the Capability Strategy

● Developed an AFP entity plan that provides a view of future property portfolio optimisation, considering current and future performance and targets, operational outcomes, strategy and risks

● Prepared a forward-leaning design brief, which provides a future design basis for a workplace that supports and enhances the required operational outcomes and workplace culture

● Conducted a regional office accommodation review that established an understanding of current and future site locations, composition and operational business design