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Lessons for future performance

In many cases the AFP is adopting a more flexible problem-solving approach to crime and referrals, with clear operational and social benefits. This is particularly the case when dealing with juveniles or matters where there is a need to address a crime and protect the community but the likelihood of getting the matter to court is low.

Increasingly the AFP, like other police services, also needs to cooperate and work not only across borders but also in different political and legal jurisdictions and even crime types. The performance results show that the AFP is managing these relationships in a variety of situations.

With such diverse complexity, policing is an increasingly sophisticated and demanding business, often challenging its personnel, processes and systems. This year was especially challenging, but the AFP delivered. Our work on reforms and future-proofing over the last four years stood the agency in good stead. The AFP will continue to invest in partnerships and cooperation, reforms aimed at efficiency and general improvements outlined in the AFP Corporate Plan 2020–21 to maximise operational impact, especially entering into a post‑COVID budgetary and geopolitical environment.