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Appendix E: Public awareness data

Advertising and market research

Research was undertaken during the year to inform the AEC’s communication strategy for the new electoral cycle. We also began preparations for advertising and other communication activities in advance of the 2021–22 federal election. Further, we conducted an advertising campaign for the 2020 Groom by-election.

More information on advertising campaigns is available at www.aec.gov.au and in the reports on Australian Government advertising prepared by the Department of Finance. Those reports are available on the Department of Finance's website.

Table 22 shows payments of $14,300 or more (GST inclusive) to advertising agencies and market research, polling, direct mail and media advertising organisations, as required under section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Figures reflect payments above the threshold unless otherwise specified.

Table 22: Advertising and media placement payments, $14,300 or more


Agency name


Amount (GST inclusive)

Advertising creative development


Creation of by-election campaign advertising materials and preparation and production of materials for the next federal election campaign.


Carbon Creative

Creation of Indigenous/translated advertising materials for the next federal election campaign.


Market research


Benchmarking and tracking research for by-election and commencement of survey design for federal election campaign benchmark and tracking research.



Developmental communications market research and concept testing.


Post Eden-Monaro by-election survey with temporary election workforce staff.


Advertising placement

Universal McCann

Campaign advertising placement for federal by-election and advertising services associates with federal election campaign.

Non-campaign advertising placement for recruitment, industrial and commercial elections, electoral redistributions, and party registrations.