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Role and function

The AEC is an independent statutory authority established by the Australian Parliament. It is funded to deliver one purpose and one outcome:

Maintain an impartial and independent electoral system for eligible voters through active electoral roll management, efficient delivery of polling services, and targeted education and public awareness programs.

The AEC has one program:

1.1 To deliver electoral events.

Its functions are:

  • conducting successful electoral events, including federal elections, by-elections and referendums, and industrial elections and ballots
  • ensuring confidence in the electoral roll
  • administering political party registrations and financial disclosure
  • supporting electoral redistributions
  • undertaking public awareness activities

The AEC must also provide a range of electoral information and education programs both in Australia and in support of Australia’s national interests.

More information on the AEC’s functions is in Section 04 – AEC Functions

Our vision is:

We are a leader in refining and delivering best practice in election management.