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Appendix G: Political party registrations and financial disclosure data

Annual financial disclosure returns 2019–20

Annual financial disclosure returns and amendments received in 2019–20 include:

  • 780 annual financial disclosure returns and amendments
  • 713 returns and 42 amendments for the 2018–19 financial year
  • one return and 20 amendments for the 2017–18 financial year
  • one amendment for the 2016–17 financial year
  • one amendment for the 2015–16 financial year
  • two amendments for the 2013–14 financial year
  • 1,460 election returns from the 2019 federal election

Election funding payments in 2019–20

The Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Act 2018 introduced changes to the way election funding is paid.

These first applied to the federal election held on 18 May 2019. Election funding entitlements are calculated as at the 20th day after polling day and an automatic payment is made to eligible candidates and political parties. For the 2019 federal election, the automatic payment amount was $10,080.

To receive election funding greater than the automatic payment, the agent of the eligible political party, candidate or Senate group must lodge a claim with the AEC setting out the electoral expenditure incurred.

Election funding claims for the 2019 federal election could be lodged from 7 June to 17 November 2019. The AEC received 50 election funding claims in 2019–20 (15 claims were received in June 2019). Details of the amounts paid are published on the Transparency Register as claims are determined.

Total election funding* paid for the 2019 federal election was $69,634,256. This amount includes $584,640 in automatic payments and $69,049,616.87 in claims accepted. Of the total paid in election funding, $15,960,986.84 was paid in 2019–20.

*The total election funding includes variations made after the initial determinations of claims.