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Appendix B: Governance

Accountable authority

Table 8: Details of accountable authority during current report period (2019–20)

Period as the accountable authority or member


Position title/position held

Date of commencement

Date of cessation

Mr Tom Rogers

Electoral Commissioner

Australian Electoral Commission



Audit Committee Details

Table 9: Audit committee

Member name

Qualifications, knowledge, skills or experience (include formal and informal as relevant)

Number of meetings attended / eligible to attend

Total annual remuneration

Jenny Morrison

Jennifer Morison FCA, BEc (Sydney University) has 38 years of broad professional experience across commerce and government.

She was a national board member of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand for four years, chief financial officer of a public company, and held senior positions in major international accounting firms.

She founded Morison Consulting in 1996, specialising in government financial reforms, governance and consulting.

She was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2000 for services to women and accounting Mrs Morison has been an independent member an chair of Commonwealth audit and risk committees and financial statement sub-committees for large and small government entities for the past 17 years.


$30,800 (GST inclusive)

Mark Ridley

Mark Ridley is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (FCA) and a Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has Bachelors degrees in Commerce and Accounting. He has served as independent member and chair of audit and risk committees for several large and medium-sized Commonwealth agencies since 2011, and helps entities oversee ICT projects. Mr Ridley was formerly a senior partner of PwC Australia and has held leadership roles in risk advisory, internal audit and ICT project assurance. This includes for large companies in manufacturing and financial services, as well as state and federal governments. .


$19,800 (GST Inclusive)

Leanne Close

Leanne Close APM was AFP Deputy Commissioner, National Security.

She was responsible for the AFP’s Counter Terrorism and Protection Operations directorates, as well as its subsidiary Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering. Ms Close was awarded the Australian Police Medal in 2005. She resigned as a member of the Committee in February 2020.



Jeff Pope

Jeff Pope is the Deputy Electoral Commissioner at the Australian Electoral Commission, a position he has held since December 2017. He has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Laws and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has also completed a residential executive management course at Insead International Business School in Singapore.

Mr Pope was previously an Assistant Commissioner with Victoria Police, where he was a member of a range of senior executive governance committees and project boards. He was awarded an Australian Police Medal in 2013 for his contribution to law enforcement for 23 years.



Andrew Gately

Andrew Gately was the First Assistant Commissioner of the Network and Election Operations Division at the AEC from 2016-2020. He chaired the National Election Delivery Committee and oversaw all aspects of election preparation and delivery.

He is a graduate of the University of Sydney and University of Canberra, and has qualifications in Electrical Engineering and Computing. He joined the Australian Public Service 26 years ago and has worked across a range of agencies in engineering, program design and delivery, information and communication, and senior leadership roles.

Mr Gately retired from the APS in March 2020.



*Not applicable as not separately remunerated as an audit committee member

Business planning documents

Table 10: Business planning documents




AEC Corporate Plan 2020–21

The AEC’s central planning document. Sets the strategic direction for four years through the agency directions and priority activities. Includes analysis of strategic and enterprise risks, agency capability and operating environment


Business Planning and Performance Reporting Framework

Supports staff to deliver outcomes in the AEC corporate plan and manage resources and finances. Supports requirements of the PGPA Act


Business Plans (branch/state and territory)

Aligns branch, state and territory activities with business planning and reporting


Election Readiness Framework

Sets out and monitors the program of activity required to maintain election readiness

Every election cycle

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2018–2022

Sets the AEC’s desired information technology vision to 2022 and is supported by the IT Architecture Plan

Every four years

Fraud Control Plan

Prevents, detects and responds to fraud in accordance with Commonwealth law, fraud control policies and memorandums of understanding

Every two years (or if significant organisational change occurs)

Assurance Plan

Outlines the assurance framework and the operational application in the AEC context


Internal Audit Plan

Sets the internal audit program for the financial year


Business Continuity Plans

Improves resilience to enable continuation of identified time critical business processes during and following a significant disruption to business operations


Disability Inclusion Strategy

Identifies relevant target outcomes from the National Disability Strategy 2010–2020


Reconciliation Action Plan

Sets activities to recognise and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in internal and external arrangements and activities


Workforce plans (division, branch/state and territory)

Details the continuous process of identifying and mitigating potential workforce risks and planning future workforce strategies

Twice a year

Property plan

Provides direction on long-term management of leased property


Security plan

Outlines strategies to protect staff, visitors, information, equipment and premises against harm, loss, interference and compromise

Twice a year

AEC management committees

Table 11: AEC management committees




Meeting frequency

Executive Leadership Team

Senior management team helping to deliver strategic leadership and operational management

  • EC
  • DEC
  • FAC Capability
  • FAC Network and Election Operations/National Election Manager


Organisational Health Committee

Monitors performance, risk management, compliance and controls. Provides advice and recommendations to the Executive Leadership Team

  • DEC
  • FAC Capability
  • FAC Network and Election Operations
  • AC Corporate Services
  • AC Disclosure, Assurance and Engagement
  • AC Information, Communication and Technology
  • State managers, SA and Vic.
  • CFO as an adviser


Capability Committee

Monitors organisational capability. Progresses projects to support the AEC’s strategic direction and future capability requirements

  • AC Capability
  • FAC Network and Elections Operations
  • CFO
  • AC Information, Communications and Technology
  • AC Elections
  • AC Operations
  • State managers, QLD and WA


Learning Governance Committee

Provides whole of agency governance to learning and development, in particular election requirements. Sets strategic direction and operating models, and guides the National Training and Education Unit.

  • EC
  • FAC Network and Election Operations/National Election Manager
  • AC Corporate Services
  • AC Operations
  • AC Elections
  • State managers, NSW, QLD and WA

Every four weeks—to drive requirements for the election—until December 2019

Business Assurance Committee (BAC)

This is the AEC’s Audit Committee. Provides independent advice and assurance to the Electoral Commissioner on financial and reporting responsibilities, risk oversight and management, system of internal control, and compliance with relevant legislation and rules

  • Three or more members appointed by EC (the majority external). See Table 9 for membership details
  • Additional AEC advisers are permitted to attend

Five times a year

Fraud Control Committee

Advises AEC on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the AEC’s fraud controls, policies and procedures

  • AC Operations Branch
  • AC Roll Management and Community Engagement
  • AC Information, Communication and Technology Branch
  • State managers, Tas. and Vic.


National Election Delivery Committee

Supports the National Election Manager to oversee and monitor preparations for – and successful conduct of – federal electoral events (including by-elections, plebiscites and referendums). NEM reports regularly on behalf of the National Election Delivery Committee to the Executive Leadership Team and the Electoral Commissioner

  • FAC Network and Elections Operations/National Election Manager
  • All state managers
  • ACs (membership expands approaching elections

Regularly; monthly, weekly or daily as required (i.e. in run-up to and during an electoral event)

Security Governance Committee

Provides strategic oversight of the AEC’s protective and IT security programs

  • FAC Capability
  • AC Corporate Services
  • AC Information, Communication and Technology
  • State managers, NSW and Vic.

Every second month, with more meetings as required (i.e. in run-up to and during an electoral event)

Work health and safety committees

A consultative forum to address health and safety at a national and strategic level, with reference to the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011

  • FAC Capability (Chair)
  • management representatives
  • employee representatives
  • advisers from Corporate Services Branch

Quarterly, and out-of-session as required

*Key: Electoral Commissioner (EC); Deputy ElectoralCommissioner (DEC); First Assistant Commissioner (FAC), Assistant Commissioner (AC)