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2019 federal election

A significant proportion of our time and resources this year was spent planning and preparing for the 2019 federal election. Our preparations focused on priority areas identified in the evaluation for the previous federal election.

One of the greatest areas of change has been the suite of improvements to polling place operations to improve staff and voter experiences on polling day.

These changes were made based on data through our research with Deakin University, which was further validated at recent by-elections. Some of these changes included increasing the number of staff in each polling place and introducing ‘mini queues’ to better manage polling place queues.

A further significant change was to establish a nationally coordinated capability to support supply, distribution and return of election materials and equipment to and from multiple areas of the AEC. A national capability now supersedes the broadly decentralised supply chain that existed at the previous federal election where states and divisions operated according to local requirements, constraints and time pressures. National coordination of the supply chain process was supported by dedicated logistics managers to coordinate and supervise each out-posted centre. This approach, which was also tested at the by-elections, proved very successful.