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Five by-elections (Super Saturday)

The AEC focused on high integrity outcomes for the by-elections held on 28 July. We completed a large-scale awareness campaign to ensure electors in the affected divisions were aware of the events—including an election guide which was delivered to households in the five divisions—supported by a range of advertising, social media activities and media interviews.

We used electronic certified lists (ECLs) across all of the five divisions to access real time information that helped manage queues and ballot paper supply in polling places.

We ensured the results for these by-elections were delivered swiftly and safely. The AEC returned the writs for all divisions well within the dates specified by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, with the divisions of Braddon, Fremantle and Mayo returned on 6 August 2018 and the divisions of Longman and Perth returned on Monday 13 August 2018.

The successful conduct of these by-elections showcased our progress in professionalising our workforce and our improvements to the processes we undertake to deliver elections.