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Appendix B: Governance

Accountable authority

Details of Accountable Authority during the reporting period Current Report Period (2018–19)

Period as the accountable authority or member


Position Title/Position held

Date of Commencement

Date of cessation

Mr Tom Rogers

Electoral Commissioner

Australian Electoral Commission



Business planning documents

Table 9: Business planning documents




AEC Corporate Plan

The AEC’s central planning document. Sets the strategic direction for four years through the agency directions and priority activities. Includes analysis of strategic and enterprise risks, agency capability and operating environment



Planning and




Supports staff to deliver outcomes in the AEC corporate plan, manage resources and finances, and supports requirements of the PGPA Act


Business plans (branch/state and territory)

Supports staff to deliver outcomes in the AEC corporate plan, manage resources and finances, and supports requirements of the PGPA Act


Election Readiness Framework

Sets out and monitors the program of activity required to maintain election readiness

Every election cycle

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2018–2022

Sets the AEC’s desired information technology vision to 2022 and is supported by the IT Architecture Plan

Every four years

Fraud Control Plan

To prevent, detect and respond to fraud in accordance with Commonwealth law, fraud control policies and memorandums of understanding

Every two years (or if significant organisational change occurs)

Strategic Risk Management Plan

Details strategic risks that affect the AEC and how these will be managed


Assurance Plan

Outlines assurance framework and the operational application in the AEC context


Internal Audit Plan

Sets the internal audit program for the financial year (contained within the Assurance Plan)


Business continuity plans

Improves resilience to enable continuation of identified time critical business processes during and following a significant disruption to business operations


Disability Inclusion Strategy

Identifies relevant target outcomes from the National Disability Strategy 2010–2020

Reported on annually

Reconciliation Action Plan

Sets activities to recognise and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in internal and external arrangements and activities


Property Plan

Direction on long-term management of leased property


Security Plan

Strategies to protect staff, visitors, information, equipment and premises against harm, loss, interference and compromise


Workforce plans (division, branch/ state and territory)

The continuous process of identifying and mitigating potential workforce risks and plan future workforce strategies


AEC Strategic

Workforce Plan

Examines workforce issues at the organisational level informed by the division, branch and state workforce plans


AEC management committees

Table 10: AEC decision making management committees




Meeting frequency

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

Senior management team helping to deliver strategic leadership and operational management

EC, DEC, FAC Capability, FAC Network and Elections Operations/National Election Manager


Organisational Health Committee

Monitors performance, risk management, compliance and controls. Provides advice and recommendations to the ELT

DEC; FAC Capability FAC Network and Election Operations, AC Corporate Services, AC Disclosure Assurance and Engagement AC, Roll Management and Community Engagement, AC Information, Communication and Technology, State Manager Vic, State Manager, SA


Capability Committee

Monitors organisational capability and progresses projects to support strategic direction. Monitors project outputs and significant organisational initiatives, and provides advice on future capability

FAC Capability, FAC Network and Election Operations/ National Election Manager, Chief Finance Officer, AC Elections, AC Operations, AC Information, Communication and Technology, State Manager, WA, State Manager, QLD


Learning Governance Committee

Provides whole of agency governance to learning and development. Sets strategic direction and operating models and guides the National Training and Education Unit

DEC, FAC Network and Election Operations/National Election Manager, AC Corporate Services AC Operations, AC Elections, State Manager QLD, State Manage NSW, State Manager WA

Every four weeks

Business Assurance Committee (BAC)

The AEC’s Audit Committee Provides independent advice and assurance to the Electoral Commissioner on financial and reporting responsibilities, risk oversight and management system of internal control, and compliance with relevant legislation and rules

Three or more members appointed by EC (the majority external to AEC), additional AEC advisers are permitted to attend. In 2018–19, BAC had five members and two AEC advisers

Five times per year

Fraud Control Committee (FCC)

Advises AEC on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the AEC’s fraud controls, policies and procedures

AC Operations, AC Roll Management and Community Engagement, AC Information, Communication and Technology State Manager Vic, State Manager Tas


National Election Delivery Committee (NEDC)

Supports the National Election Manager (NEM) to oversee and monitor preparations for, and successful conduct of, federal electoral events (including by elections, plebiscites and referendums). The NEM reports regularly on behalf of the NEDC to ELT and the Electoral Commissioner

FAC Network and Election Operations/National Election Manager, all State Managers ACs (membership expand approaching elections)

Regularly: monthly, weekly or daily as require (i.e. in run up to and during and electoral event)

Security Committee

Provides strategic oversight of the AEC’s protective and IT security programs

DEC, FAC Capability, FAC Network and Elections Operations/National Election Manager, AC Corporate Services, AC Information Communication and Technology State Managers, NSW and Victoria

Monthly, with more meeting as require (i.e. in run-up to and during an electoral event)

Work health and safety committees

A consultative forum to address health and safety at a national and strategic level, with reference to the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011

FAC Capability, management representatives, employee representatives, advisers from Corporate Services

Quarterly, and out of-session as required

* Key: Electoral Commissioner (EC); Deputy Electoral Commissioner (DEC); First Assistant Commissioners (FAC); Assistant Commissioners (AC).