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Performance statement – agency direction two

Continue to improve and modernise the delivery model for electoral events

The AEC is focused on continually improving our model for delivering election events and electoral services, and moving towards a sustainable model for delivering modern events and services that are robust, secure and nationally-consistent.

Intended result and
performance criteria in AEC corporate plan*

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Explanation of result

2.1 Maintain a cycle of continual improvement through the election readiness framework

Lessons from the 2016 election that constitute work priorities are implemented



Thirteen cross-agency work priorities constituting lessons from the 2016 federal election, either informed, or were implemented, during delivery of the 2019 federal election.

An agreed framework for lessons management was endorsed and applied at the 2019 federal election through the Federal Election Lessons Management Plan.

As the AEC moves into the evaluate and learn phase of the election readiness cycle, lessons from the 2019 federal election are being identified.

2.2 Continued investment and momentum in the modernisation agenda

Business case for election and enrolment systems progressed (2018–19)


On track to be met

The AEC continues to develop a business case to modernise the agency’s election and enrolment systems in line with our ICT strategic plan.

Timing for this work has now changed and will be progressed further in 2019–20.

*Source: AEC Corporate Plan 2018–2022, p.10.

What we did

During 2018–19 our work included:

  • delivering cross-agency work priorities, which addressed key lessons from the 2016 federal election. Work priorities were implemented or trialled at by-elections held in July and October 2018 and in full at the 2019 federal election
  • assessing and agreeing on our approach to lessons management in the lead up to the 2019 federal election. While this approach is ongoing through the whole electoral cycle, electoral events provide opportunities to capture key observations, and identify lessons and actions. Capturing the observations of AEC staff and business areas during the 2019 federal election was supported by the Lessons Management Federal Election Plan. Observations were also captured from the six by-elections delivered in 2018–19
  • developing a business case for modernisation of the AEC’s main election and roll management systems. This included:
    • establishing a dedicated team
    • submitting a first pass business case to the Department of Finance
    • preparing for a second pass submission which is due in December 2019

In 2019–20 we are:

  • identifying lessons and priorities from planning and delivering the 2019 federal election, and implementing these as part of the implement change phase of election readiness
  • further progressing the business case to modernise the AEC’s main election and roll management systems