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Looking forward

As with every federal election, there are lessons to be learnt, and there will always be ways to improve. We have already begun looking forward and are considering how we can prepare to deliver future major electoral events. The 2019 federal election has provided us with an important opportunity to assess the value of our recent investments, before identifying the next set of priorities to invest in and develop over the coming years.

We will continue to progress our modernisation journey—this includes further advancement towards replacing the AEC’s core election management systems.

We will also continue to build our training and learning development, and further invest in the overall suite of training for our permanent and temporary staff.

The AEC will continue to focus on electoral integrity—including by deploying a diligent approach to cyber security—which has become part of the business as usual requirement for electoral management bodies around the world.

We look forward to working closely with our stakeholders on these and other key areas to ensure we keep pace with advancements in technology and community expectations and—ultimately—continue to deliver world class electoral administration.