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Performance measurement

Our performance in achieving our purpose is measured against detailed criteria set out on page 22 of the Corporate Plan 2019–20 and page 90 of the Portfolio Budget Statement 2019–20.


The performance measures in the ACIC’s two key planning documents are aligned, as shown in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2: Performance measurement framework

Table showing the alignment of performance measures in planning documents against detailed criteria set out in the ACIC Corporate Plan and Portfolio Budget Statements. The table displays the ACIC ‘Approach’-Discover, Understand, Respond and Connect aligned to the ‘Performance criteria’ and qualitative/quantitative ‘Forecast performance’.


This annual performance statement begins with an analysis of the ACIC’s performance across the performance measures for 2019–20, then provide detailed results against each of the nine criteria set out in the corporate plan and portfolio budget statements.

The information reported in these statements does not include our classified achievements. Our performance at a classified level is reported to the ACIC Board.

For statistical results, we include up to five years of data, where available, to enable comparative assessment of performance.

The result against each performance criterion is summarised at a glance using the following symbols.

Symbols show as a tick for ‘met’, backward slash for ‘partially met’, and a cross for ‘not met’.