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Feature: Infrastructure Capability and Consolidation Program

In 2018–19, we continued to consolidate and uplift our key information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure as part of the multi-year Infrastructure Capability and Consolidation (ICC) Program. The program’s remit is to uplift ICT infrastructure capabilities and modernise and secure increasing performance and resilience of both national policing information (NPI) and intelligence technology solutions at the ACIC.

Our NPI systems bring together essential law enforcement information from around the country, ensuring that our law enforcement partners have the information they need to investigate, solve and prevent crime. In 2018–19, as part of the ICC Program, we refreshed our NPI infrastructure, with formal certification and accreditation in accordance with Commonwealth security policy planned for 2019–20.

We also refreshed critical ICT infrastructure across our primary and secondary data centres supporting key corporate and NPI systems. This involved successfully duplicating the infrastructure environment across those data centres to improve redundancy of our critical systems.

Other infrastructure refresh activities undertaken in 2018–19 involved the Oracle Exadata platform, the NetApp Enterprise Storage environment and the Hewlett-Packard Synergy Compute platform. We also upgraded our national uninterruptible power supply fleet.

At a corporate level, we replaced our multifunction scanning and printing devices; upgraded our financial management system; deployed our new service management solution (ServiceNow); and upgraded the security levels of our Canberra examination facilities.

The ICC Program also procured all the infrastructure needed to support the upgrade of desktops in the new corporate environment, scheduled for 2019–20. The program’s priorities in 2019–20 will also include refreshing and accrediting our classified wi-fi network, in line with Commonwealth security policy.

In tandem with the focus on infrastructure, we have adopted a new strategic approach to improving ICT capability and commenced aligning ICT roles with the international Skills Framework for the Information Age, to ensure that development activities are appropriately targeted to digital skills needs. Our ICT staff took part in a range of law enforcement conferences and ICT industry events, including the ACIC’s first in-house ICT Expo, in 2018–19.