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The purpose of the ACIC is to make Australia safer through improved national ability to discover, understand and respond to current and emerging crime, including the ability to connect police and law enforcement to essential criminal intelligence, policing knowledge and information through collaborative national information systems and services.

The ACIC delivers its purpose in accordance with the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002, the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, the Public Service Act 1999 and other legislation.

Our purpose is stated in the ACIC’s Corporate Plan 2018–19 to 2021–22 and Strategic Plan 2018–23, and is aligned with Outcome 1 and Program 1.1 in the ACIC’s Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19 (PBS), as shown in Figure 2.1.

Figure 2.1: ACIC outcome and program framework 2018–19

Table showing ACIC strategic and corporate plans–‘Purpose’ and ‘Approach’ aligned with the ACIC Portfolio Budget Statements–‘Outcome 1’ and ‘Program 1.1’.