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Our outcome

Our annual portfolio budget statements detail our outcome and program structure. Within that framework, the ‘outcome’ is the intended result, impact or consequence of our actions. We work towards our outcome through the activities that make up our program.

Our outcome and program structure is shown in Figure 1.2, along with its relationship to our Strategic Plan 2018–23 and Corporate Plan 2018–19 to 2021–22. Both plans and a link to our Portfolio Budget Statements 2018–19 are at www.acic.gov.au/publications/corporate-documents.

Figure 1.2: ACIC portfolio, corporate and strategic performance framework 2018–19

 Outcome 1—To make Australia safer through improved national ability to discover, understand and respond to current and emerging crime threats and criminal justice issues, including the ability to connect police and law enforcement to essential criminal intelligence, policing knowledge and information through collaborative national information systems and services. Program 1.1 Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission—The ACIC will improve the national ability to respond to crime and criminal justice issues affecting Australia through the discovery and understanding of new and emerging crime threats—working with and connecting partners to build the picture of crime impacting Australia. The ACIC will respond to serious and organised crime threats by developing new prevention and disruption strategies that disable or dismantle criminal groups through enforcement, as well as contributing to or informing regulations, policy or legislative responses that make Australia safe from crime threats. The ACIC will contribute to or lead nationally coordinated actions and activities through board-approved special investigations, special intelligence operations and joint task forces. The ACIC will provide high-quality national policing knowledge and information systems, and services that support the Australian policing community and will ensure controlled access to appropriate information, including by accredited third parties in relation to criminal history checks.
 The ACIC is sharing increasing volume, breadth and formats (mediums, platforms) of criminal intelligence and information, police information, and other relevant information.