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Appendix 5: Advertising and market research

During 2019–20 the ACCC conducted the following advertising campaigns: baby walker safety, Scams Awareness Week 2019 and a franchising information campaign. Further information on these campaigns is available at www.accc.gov.au and www.productsafety.gov.au. The ACCC did not undertake any advertising campaigns with expenditure in excess of $250 000.

Under s. 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth), the ACCC is required to provide details of payments over $14 000 (GST inclusive) to advertising agencies, market research organisations, polling organisations, direct mail organisations and media advertising agencies.

Table A5.1 sets out payments that the ACCC made to external organisations for advertising and market research services in 2019–20.

Table A5.1: Advertising and market research payments of more than $14 000 in 2019−20

Advertising and market research organisation

Description of advertising and market research services


Universal McCann

Advertising for the baby walkers campaign 2019–20

14 760

Universal McCann

Advertising water inquiry consultation events 2019–20 (non-campaign advertising)

21 464

Universal McCann

Recruitment advertising (non-campaign advertising)

23 766

Universal McCann

Advertising for the franchising awareness campaign 2018–19 and 2019–20

40 000

Universal McCann

Advertising for the Measuring Broadband Australia campaign 2018–19

40 000

Universal McCann

Advertising for the Energy Made Easy campaign 2018–19

44 061

Orima Research Pty Ltd

2019 ACCC Effectiveness Survey

50 600

Roy Morgan Research

Market research on scams reporting and petrol prices

29 040

Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre

Desktop research on consumer vulnerability

30 000