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Our year at a glance

Promoting online safety

  • We had over 1.54 million website visitors and more than 5.48 million page views

Providing online safety education

  • We had over 96,530 participants through our eSafety outreach program
  • We reached over 29,270 subscribers a month to our eSafety news e-newsletter

Empowering Australian women

  • We had 35,321 visitors to the eSafetyWomen website with 77,361 page views
  • We held 149 workshops and webinars with 2,907 participants and 974 registered users of the eSafetyWomen online learning management resource

Supporting older Australians

  • We had 239,070 visitors to the Digital Literacy for Older Australians learning portal
  • We had 2,672 attendees at eSafety presentations and webinars and over 3.13 million page views

Tackling image-based abuse

  • We were successful in having 82% of material removed on request

Fighting illegal content and abhorrent violent material

  • We received 14,573 reports about potentially prohibited online content
  • We identified 13,392 URLs hosting material that was sufficiently serious to warrant referral to law enforcement. More than 99% of these provided access to child sexual abuse material
  • We issued 16 notices to Australian and overseas services in relation to abhorrent violent material

Combating cyberbullying

  • We received 690 complaints about serious cyberbullying targeting Australian children
  • We referred over 2,900 people to the Kids Helpline website