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Comprehensive care

Delivering comprehensive care is about the coordinated delivery of the total health care required or requested by a patient. It means ensuring that care is aligned with the patient’s expressed goals of care and healthcare needs, considering the impact of the patient’s health issues on their life and wellbeing, and ensuring clinically appropriate care.

The Comprehensive Care Standard in the NSQHS Standards was developed to address the cross-cutting issues that underlie many adverse events, and to optimise each person’s health care, while considering how risk and harm can be minimised along each patient journey.

In 2019–20, the Commission continued to develop resources to support implementation of the Comprehensive Care Standard. It released:

  • Implementing the Comprehensive Care Standard: Review and improve comprehensive care delivery
  • Implementing the Comprehensive Care Standard: Clinical assessment and diagnosis
  • Implementing the Comprehensive Care Standard: Delivery of comprehensive care
  • Eight fact sheets supporting the Comprehensive Care Standard, including an Easy English guide to goal setting.

In 2019–20, the Commission gave presentations on the Comprehensive Care Standard at approximately 15 conferences, seminars and training sessions for clinicians, managers and consumers.