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Strategic Intent 2020–2025

In 2019–20, the Commission’s Board developed a new Strategic Intent 2020–2025. The functions described in section 9 of the National Health Reform Act 2011 guide the Commission’s work, and are expressed in the four priorities of the Commission’s Strategic Intent 2020–2025.

Strategic Intent 2020–2025

The Commission’s four strategic priorities:

1. Safe delivery of health care

Clinical governance, systems, processes and standards ensure patients, consumers and all staff are safe from harm in all places where health care is delivered

2. Partnering with consumers

Patients, consumers, carers and the community are engaged in understanding and improving health care for all

3. Partnering with healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals, organisations and providers are engaged and supported to deliver safe and high-quality care

4. Quality, value and outcomes

Evidence-based tools, guidance and technology are used to inform delivery of safe and high-quality care that is integrated, coordinated and person-centred

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care leads and coordinates national improvements in the safety and quality of health care.

Safe and high-quality health care for every person, everywhere, every time.

We do this by:

  • Being an authoritative voice
  • Taking a strategic whole-of-system approach
  • Using evidence as a foundation for action
  • Harnessing national knowledge and expertise
  • Driving quality improvement culture
  • Using data effectively
  • Reporting meaningful information publicly
  • Empowering consumer action
  • Enabling and engaging clinicians
  • Leading collaboration, cooperation and integration
  • Influencing funding, regulation and education
  • Fostering use of safe digital technology and artificial intelligence
  • Guiding transparency and accountability
  • Supporting research and innovation
  • Acknowledging and actively managing risk
  • Embedding safety and quality into systems and processes
  • Encouraging development of learning organisations
  • Creating networks of excellence.

The Commission measures and reports on progress in these priority areas in the Corporate Plan, Work Plan, Annual Report and Budget papers.